[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Feb 13 19:55:22 CST 2004

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 08:57:45PM -0500, Stephen Sukovich wrote:

> I was pricing some brand new scsi drives just to see the cost, and a
> 147GB scsi drive is about $600. I saw some 18-32GB drives on ebay for
> about $40.

18gig disks are commonly much cheaper.  I often see them for less than
$20, and I've seen several 10 packs for under $100.

Having foolishly sold my RSM-214 awhile ago though, I have no handy
arrays for sticking lots of disks in, other than a CD-ROM tower (except
when I add on the cost of rails and SCA->50pin cable adaptors, suddenly
the cheap 18gig disks aren't quite so cheap anymore).

One of these days I will get a decent array.  Either that or I will
stick a mirror pair of Elites in that tower (Though I might worry about
heat death if I do).
> Soooo right now im going to just deal with having 12GB-24GB of storage. 

I can sympathise.  I have more storage, but I don't have the sort of net
connection that lets me easily download stuff so I somewhat need to
packrat files more.

> >Good grief.  That sounds a lot to me like a bad PSU AND a bad
> >motherboard.

> I did say it was cursed...

Except, I'd guess that the motherboard is bad because of the PSU.  From
what I've seen, a PSU dieing, or having a severe enough temporary glitch
can cause motherboards to misbehave erraticly, including frying parts.
So, it probably was just one bad part that caused all this trouble for
you.  From my experience if more than once you stick a working part in a
PC and it ceases to be a working part, then it is time to toss the
motherboard and PSU.  Sure, a single part can fail, but it keeps
happening, I'd toss those two.  Sure, a PSU and motherboard aren't
cheap, but the parts you describe having lost to that machines cost far
more than a motherboard and PSU would.

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