[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Feb 13 19:57:45 CST 2004

>What are you planning on sticking in there for disks?  73 gig disks?  I
>fail to see how without external arrays one will manage to get enough
>space for a reasonable amount of money (I don't at this time consider
>73gig disks reasonbly priced).  I mean, with all 18 gig disks, you only
>get, what 126 gigs with striping?  And striping is just asking for
>reliability problems (one disk goes, the whole stripe goes).  Of
>you could always use it as 7 single disks.  126gigs doesn't seem like
>would go very far with video files though, even mpeg4 compressed ones.
Well our video collection is slowly turning into dvds as we find extra
money lying around. Im really only storing the latest season of stargate
right now since I couldn't afford $100 dollars a month for cable, but I
can afford $60 dollars and download the latest episodes off

Umm an episode of stargate that lasts about 44 minutes compressed with
xvid its about... 360MB 

An e150 holds 12 sca scsi drives in its cage, another sca scsi drive
internally, and maybe 2 50-pin scsi drives internally if I take out the
cdrom, and use the place for the tape drive.

Right now I have 12 2GB drives and, and 4GB drive. I have a ssa 112 that
ill eventually hook up to it once I get 30 4GB drives for it. 

I was pricing some brand new scsi drives just to see the cost, and a
147GB scsi drive is about $600. I saw some 18-32GB drives on ebay for
about $40.

Soooo right now im going to just deal with having 12GB-24GB of storage. 

>Good grief.  That sounds a lot to me like a bad PSU AND a bad

I did say it was cursed...

Stephen Sukovich

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