[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Phil Schilling phils at gcstech.net
Fri Feb 13 04:30:36 CST 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:49:47 -0600
Bill Bradford <mrbill at mrbill.net> wrote:

> AnySystem is good enough that I let them advertise on EVERY PAGE of
> the SunHELP web site, and the last two SunHELP servers (well, >
> including the E3K I'm about to put into service) have been AnySystem
> boxes.  I've also had work switch to ordering parts from them >
> whenever possible.
> Their prices might be slightly higher than other places, but the >
> service and support (when needed) makes up for it.  They also have >
> *awesome* deals on eBay with big price differences from what you see
> on the website.  A friend of mine got a loaded-to-the-gills E4K for
> about $1200 from them a year ago.
> The first U1/200E I got from them, back in '99, looked BRAND NEW.  >
> It was my desktop box for 2+ years.
John and his crew at Anysystem are good people.  I have quite a few
yellow duckies around.  Some were direct from them, some Epay and
always a quality product.


Phil Schilling
GCS Tech

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