[rescue] New VAX-11 documentation online!

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Thu Feb 12 23:38:30 CST 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> http://computer-refuge.org/compcollect/dec/vax/11750

Wow, that 750 looks *pristine*.  What a sweet little machine!  I'm so
jealous. :-)  I have GOT to get a warehouse or loft soon to hold all my 

There are just five more systems I covet:

1.  An 11/750 - to run an original BSD source release, or possibly even
Mach, and beg/plead/cajole some old friends at CMU to dig up the "Spice
Vax" backup tapes so my little Vax could serve up the old archive of Perq
software there;

2.  A Xerox Alto-II, so I can have another machine with prototype 3Mbit 
Ethernet hardware to network with my Perqs. :-)  Plus, the Alto had some 
wicked cool games. :-)

3.  An Apple Mac Cube, because it's beautiful and elegant and fits 
alongside my NeXT Cubes;

4.  A Sun E10K, which naturally follows - and would look very cool - next
to the Cray CS6400's;

5.  A big 36-bit DEC box to play with TENEX - a 10 or a 20 would be so
awesome... I played with these at CMU as a kid, back when CMU-A had a
"public telnet account" so you could tip to the IMP and "TN SAIL" and see
who was logged in at the Stanford AI Lab over that cool "ARPANET" thing.  
Damn I'm old. :-)

Rats.  I need to call up a guy here in Portland who has - or had, last I
talked with him - a warehouse stacked to the rafters with old gear.  He's
mostly a recycler/scrapper, but brokers a lot of used parts for the old
IBM mainframe market - he's got (or had) tons of old IBM, DEC, and DG
iron, but also mountains of obscure stuff.  Last time I saw him (been
about three years now?) he had an 11/780 in near-perfect condition -
missing just the floppy drive from the console.  Damn... I wonder if he's
still around...

> http://computer-refuge.org/classiccmp/dp_vax/dual-vax11-780.pdf

So cool.  I especially love the _prices_ for stuff in the Appendix.  Wow.

-- Chris

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