[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 12 23:33:53 CST 2004

>Around what timeframe were you there?  I started in fall 1997, and left

>after spring semester 2002, also without my bachelor's.  There was 
>several semesters off in there, however, i was in the co-op program 
>(hence the job in valpo).  I was in CPT, but had some friends in CS.

I was there from 1999 to 2002. I kinda went crazy after I started not
understanding the higher level math classes, and after I realized I was
learning more sitting in the toilet reading text books then going to

Oh if you played counter-strike I ran the [Slayers] purdue
counter-strike server for awhile. And Slayers from the greatest anime
series ever, One Piece I mean Prince of tennis, no its hajime no ippo ok
its really slayers with lina inverse. *blink* told you I went crazy.

Stephen Sukovich

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