[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 12 22:31:29 CST 2004

>Been there, can't remember the name of the place either.  I was even 
>guessing that place from your earlier description.  I had a coworker 
>that bought a laptop from that guy.  it's off of US-30 near 49.  I used

>to work in Valpo, lived in Plymouth, i live in Mishawaka now.

Yah it was us-30, and 49 is the bypass that runs by it. Geez live there
18 years and cant remember the name of major highways. Only thing we
ever really bought from the place was a few 9gb harddrives and memory
for a cyrix 166mhz that I gave a friend. Still interested to wander
around and look at what they had.

>I had a six foot tall stack of sparc5's that i and some friends bought 
>from purdue salvage.  I got a TON of stuff from there, and i might even

>be able to make that statement literally.  From what i understand, the 
>place has dried up though.  They either moved to a new building, or
>be moving soon, and the guy who used to run the building with the 
>computer stuff got a different job within the university, and there's 
>another guy running it.  It's too bad, i was on a first name basis with

>the previous guy.

I left purdue when the place was moving. The Computer science labs had
tons and tons of ultra 5s in them that we did our java development on,
and the other labs had Pentium 3 500 and flat panel monitors that we
used visual J++ on.

Funny how as a computer science major there I never touched C or C++
only java... guess that's why I left before finishing up my degree. Oh
well once my girlfriend finished college she gets to take over the role
of sugar daddy then I can go back to college :)

Stephen Sukovich

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