[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

ed at the7thbeer.com ed at the7thbeer.com
Thu Feb 12 22:16:21 CST 2004

> Oh don't worry once I can afford it ill get stuff from anysystem. My
> dream is a e10000 for $20k and free shipping. Then ill have to find a
> use for it.

They offered me an E10K with a newer Netra (120 maybe, I forget now) for
$14k today.  I wish I could afford it.

> Now I got a strange question... was IS everyone using their sun machines
> for? My sparc20 right now is a silly router/firewall/dns server/samba
> server/great adzapping proxy server for my miniature network. Wonder
> what everyone else is using these things for.

Oh geeze...here I go...

Home stuff:
SS5/170 - Firewall-1 box
SS4/85  - Primary internal DNS (BIND, I don't like views)
U10/440 - Primary MX, webmail, home directories, primary public DNS
Netra T1- Secondary MX, webserver, secondary public DNS
U5 - Eventually will be the 'storage' box (It's got a Symbios card) and
     will be IDE-free!
SS20 - Gathering dust next to the other SS4 and the SS1.  Not sure what
those 3 are going to do, yet.
"The Beast" - It's a cPCI chassis with a couple of CP1500's in it.  Maybe
a redundant fileserver at some point in time if no one buys it from me

And no, I don't think I have enough of them, but the electric company sure
loves me. :/

ed at the7thbeer.com

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