[rescue] another sandia/los Alamos auction

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 12 20:04:09 CST 2004

>I think Anysystem.com sends alot of those machies overseas - at leat
>they were when I visited a while ago.
>Also, did younotice that many of the larger anysystem machines have $1
>shipping? ;^)
>An E4X00 shipped for $1 domestic???
>I am down for an E450 with $1 S/H... Which means I'll likely have an
>E250 for sale in the Philadelphia, PA area...

when I see their ebay auctions though... its like 120 dollars shipping
and handling on those. Only if they could be $1!

Awhile ago I was looking for a storage array of some sorts like an
A1000, and I saw anysystem auctioning a few for about 80 bucks, but
about 120 shipping.... I ended up finding an SSA for 40 then having to
pay 80 for shipping on that ^_^

Stephen Sukovich

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