[rescue] Solaris 10 on Sun Hardware

Gary Nichols gary at linuxforce.org
Wed Feb 11 14:05:31 CST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Isn't that the distribution that has you compile everything locally?

Honestly, if you do a state3 install it's not bad at all.  I use a U1
running gentoo as a primary server and it does just fine.

> After watching a U1-170e grind it's way through the 9_Reccomended jumbo
> patch (all 130 Meg of it!), I can only imagine what compiling
> *everything* in a distribution on that machine would be like! ;^)

Give it a shot man.

> (In hind sight, I probably should have dropped the jumbo patch on an
> external HD, that probably would have sped things up considerably!)

Heh.  BTDT.

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