[rescue] Block size and the single DD

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Feb 11 10:32:07 CST 2004

Joshua Boyd says....
> What is the actual bandwidth your DLT needs?  Does it need 20mbytes/sec,
> or what?  The DLT2000XT someone else mentioned using on an Octane
> appears to only need 1.25 megabytes uncompressed or 2.5megs/sec
> compressed to keep it happy.

Mine's also a DLT200xt, so I suppose it wants 1.25/2.50 MBs, too.

> Other DLTs I'm looking at can require up to 36megs/second.

This is a rescue-level operation here, so I don't have any high-zoot
hardware like that.

> Either of your SGIs should have no trouble I would think.

I might hook the external DLT to the Indigo^2 R4k/200 and see.  I have an
internal DLT in the Challenge, but that box is so noisy you can't hear the
tape to tell whether it's streaming or not.

> Then again,
> I'm a bit surprised that your Classic can't do it since you've added a
> second wide SCSI card (is it fast wide, or just wide?

I think it's fast-wide, since it's the SBUS card that's SE SCSI and

> Since the
> internal disks are plain narrow SCSI it probably doesn't matter I guess).

Yeah, but even they are supposed to be 10 MBs, I think.


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