[rescue] Block size and the single DD

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Wed Feb 11 10:32:53 CST 2004

David L Kindred (Dave) wrote:
> Not to mention that most *restore programs have that nice interactive
> mode to make it so much easier to find the [l]user's file(s) when they
> really don't remember the correct absolute pathname.  That sure beats
> waiting for a "tar tv" of a huge image just to have to re-read it all
> for the extraction.

If you also have it on disk it's even faster than a smart utility and
a tape.  I'm not advocating replacing tape, just spooling to disk first.

That offers and additional backup copy(s) as well as much faster restore
time.  Tape is still useful for redundancy and offsite storage.


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