[rescue] Block size and the single DD

David L Kindred (Dave) d.kindred at telesciences.com
Wed Feb 11 10:19:50 CST 2004

>>>>> "kevin" == kevin  <kevin at mpcf.com> writes:

    kevin> I don't know whether it makes a difference in this scenario
    kevin> or not, but xfsdump will backup ACLs where as GNU tar will
    kevin> not.

Not to mention that most *restore programs have that nice interactive
mode to make it so much easier to find the [l]user's file(s) when they
really don't remember the correct absolute pathname.  That sure beats
waiting for a "tar tv" of a huge image just to have to re-read it all
for the extraction.

David L. Kindred
Unix Systems & Network Administrator
Telesciences, Inc.

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