[rescue] Block size and the single DD

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Feb 11 09:31:11 CST 2004

 Jochen Kunz says ...
> A DLT is faster then 10baseT == 1 MB/s max. Especially if you use the
> hardware compression.

Ah!  Maybe I'll turn compression _off_, then.  The DLT is far bigger than
any filesystem I'll be backing up....

> I have a DLT2000XT on my Octane and it doesn't
> stream all the time when I back up the 9 GB system disk.

I would assume an Octane is a bit faster than a SPARCclassic or an Indigo^2.
Probably faster than a Challenge L 4xR4k/150 for this, too.  Maybe I'm just
not going to be able to make this thing stream with the hardware I have.


Has anyone some suggestions on what "rescue-compatible" hardware might be
fast enough?  My SGI Challenge L with 2xR10k/195 instead of 4xR4k/150?  An
Indigo^2 R10k/195?  Sun Ultra 1 170e?

Or ... If you're using DLT and keeping it streaming, what have you got the
DLT connected to?



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