[rescue] Sun Keyboards and Mice Available

Kirill Levchenko kirill at lava.net
Wed Feb 11 09:00:11 CST 2004

I have the following Sun keyboards and mice available:

4 mechanical Type 5 mice (3-button D-shape)
3 optical Type 5 mice (3-button D-shape)
1 mechanical Type 6 mouse (3-button peanut-shape a.k.a. "crossbow")
2 optical mouse pads for optical Type 5 mice above
4 Sun Type 5c keyboards

and a probably non-Sun

1 Logitech Series/2 mouse (model no. Series/2 7S, old-looking 2-button, 
mini-din connector, but didn't look closely, so not sure for what 

All of this is available for pickup in San Diego, CA, or at cost of 
shipping. The stuff is untested and a little dusty. I also have a Sun 
monitor available for pickup only. The usual warning applies: if not 
claimed within a reasonable amount of time, the stuff is going to the 
trash (except the monitor, which will be recycled).


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