[rescue] Speaking of retro...

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Tue Feb 10 23:24:29 CST 2004

I just got my Dumpster CUBE from Dan Mayfield online.

I'll just have to filch the pretty logo off the NeXT Printer that I got
and grab some NeXT black paint and it'll be good as new.  These are
built beautifully... and quite adept at surviving a rough dumpstering
to my surprise.

Trogdor the Burninator is a
25Mhz 68040 Cube
4.3 GB SCA Quantum hard drive
2.88 MB Floppy
NEC 1630 CD-ROM in a Sun 411 case on top
N4000 Megapixel 17" Mono display
Non-ADB keyboard and mouse
OPENSTEP 4.2 Developer + EOF 2.1


"I know you like to keep tabs on your parents to make sure they havent
blown up the TV, moved to the country, planted peaches and found Jesus
on their own." -- My mother in an e-mail recently

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