[rescue] HP 9000/715 Keyboard Adapter Module?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Feb 10 23:12:52 CST 2004

William Barnett-Lewis said
> [I said]
> > I could have sworn the HPs I had were 715/64s, and used PS/2 mice and
> > keyboards....
> They have this odd little box that has both HIL and PS/2 connectors on
> it with a 10 pin (!) cable that attaches to the computer. So a straight
> HIL to PS/2 isn't enough IIUC. According to www.openpa.net at least -
> his pages indicate that the 712 had normal PS/2 on the back; perhaps
> that's what you are remembering?

Must be.

The converter I got with one of them (or somewhere) connects to the computer
via an HIL cable, and has PS/2 inpute.  It's not like what you describe, no
10-pin cable, etc.  It would just let you use PS/2 stuff on a machine with
only an HIL connection.


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