[rescue] HP 9000/715 Keyboard Adapter Module?

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Tue Feb 10 22:49:04 CST 2004

> William Barnett-Lewis said
> I could have sworn the HPs I had were 715/64s, and used PS/2 mice and
> keyboards....

They have this odd little box that has both HIL and PS/2 connectors on 
it with a 10 pin (!) cable that attaches to the computer. So a straight 
HIL to PS/2 isn't enough IIUC. According to www.openpa.net at least - 
his pages indicate that the 712 had normal PS/2 on the back; perhaps 
that's what you are remembering?

> I _think_ I have an HIL-to-PS/2 converter around here somewhere; if you
> don't get a better (i.e. easier) offer, I'll mount a search and see if I can
> find it.  I'm sure we can come to terms....

I'll followup directly with you if I find that that will work. Thank you.

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