[rescue] PC100 vs PC 133

Samuel Kopel kopel at vex.net
Sun Feb 8 20:50:15 CST 2004

And don't forget the cheap PC 133(only) memory that is not backwards
compatible regardless of what system you put it into.


On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Peter Corlett wrote:

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> > I think if I can find a good source of PC100 RAM,
> Yes, it's called anywhere that sells PC133 RAM. That'll be Dabs, Scan, CCL,
> Light, and pretty much every other boxshifter out there.
> Are there really systems out there that require PC100 and won't work with
> PC133?
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> When I was in the USAF, there was a modem I did battle with, which used (brace
> yourselves) mechanical resonators and a glowbottle circuit as an oscillator.
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> and the resonator was just behind it.	- Mike Andrews in The Other Place
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