[rescue] Re: OSX and remote console

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Feb 8 20:43:59 CST 2004

Johnathan said:

" ...
  ... "

Which MUA do you use that it quotes in such a fashion?  Not to be a
whiny bitch or anything, but it really makes it hard to see where the
quoted text begins and ends, and I've noticed quite a few folks doing it

<<---------------end quote--------------->>

Apologies for that - it is hard to read. 

My mail gets automatically forwarded to an account that isn't subscribed to 
the list, and I can't relay back through the original ISP's smtp server as it only 
accepts connections from IP addresses located within their 
subscriber subnets. 

So to make a list submission, I have to fire up an http email client then copy 
& paste text I want to quote. I'll try and replace this with a less bodgy 



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