[rescue] Where was this disk tray used?

Meelis Roos mroos at linux.ee
Sat Feb 7 15:09:25 CST 2004

I have two old maxtor drives with some plastic disk trays (or mounting
frames). The image is http://www.cs.ut.ee/~mroos/disktray.jpg. It has 4
mounting hooks underneath - it is placed down and pushed forward about
half a centimeter. The Maxtor disks are LXT213SY. The place where I
rescued has some Decstations (3100 and 5000/125) but these didn't seem
to use this kind of mounting and also some old Sparcstations - 1 or 1+
that I din't take with me - maybe these?

Meelis Roos (mroos at linux.ee)

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