[rescue] Resurrecting an IBM RS/6000 model 590

Mauricio supremedalek at hotpop.com
Sat Feb 7 12:10:01 CST 2004

	I just added to my collection (one SS1+, two SS2s, one SS20, 
one (working) Sony NEWS 3710, one DEC 5000/25) one of those beasts. 
My problem is that I do not know a thing about this beast besides it 
is bigger than a dorm fridge.  Heck I do not even know how to log 
into it so I can figure out what it has.  I did find out it uses MCA 
cards and I have a pile of them here, but would a garden-variety PS/2 
video card work with it?  If not, how do I use its serial port to go 
console on it?  Could anyone help me out?

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