[rescue] PIX-ish ATX cases?

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Feb 6 10:02:36 CST 2004

Intel has nice VPN Gateway cases (they discontiniued the line) that will 
just fit
a mainboard and nic's in it.

Also Nokia has bunch of nice cases. I have a old Nokia Cryptocluster box 
I want to turn into a PIX.

-- Thomas

Bill Bradford wrote:

>Short of building my own like this guy:
>Anybody have suggestions for cheap, *lightweight*, small square-ish 
>ATX cases?  I'm building a FrankenPIX (like this guy), but don't want
>it to live in a desktop ATX case for any longer than it needs to..
>Unfortunately, traditional "rackmount" cases are way too deep; I don't
>need room for anything but the motherboard, power supply, PCI NICs and
>the slot-1 CPU, and a floppy drive.
>Suggestions?  I've got a friend looking for me a case from a dead PIX, but
>that may take a while..

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