[rescue] PIX-ish ATX cases?

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> they are the same chassis with just different firmware loaded on the 2mb
> flash card in the local director.. same flash card...  same ethernet cards..
> been there and looked at them... been comtemplating picking up a LDIR 2mb
> flash card and trying to flash it with 5.1(5) from my pix (i have a copy of
> all the IOS's from 4.4 to 6.3.3 of the pix ios..)   just not sure i want to
> waste at least $80 on a local director  2mb flash card to find out i need a
> serial number i cant get for the pix.. (i really need to find a copy of the
> IOS for the Local directors before i start playing ...)
> regards
  The LDIR 2mb Flash card will only run PIX OS < 6.0.  To run 6.0 and above
code you need the 16MB flash card.  As for the serial number, you will need to
use it to generate the activation key/license.  PIX OS is tied to the serial
number of the device as well as the license keycode you buy.  Supposedly there 
is a way to set the serial number on the flash card...but I don't know how to 
do that.  Also, the LDIR motherboard is not quite the same as the PIX mother-
board...it's a slightly older model and PIX 6.0 code will complain that it is
not designed to run on that motherboard (I actually found that to occur on a
PIX 515 I have in the lab -- other engineers were going to scrap it because
they thought the motherboard was bad since it kept rebooting complaining about
the motherboard after they upgraded it to 6.3(3)...so now I have it running
5.3 code and it works fine).

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