[rescue] PIX-ish ATX cases?

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> On 06/02/2004, at 3:34 PM, MrBill wrote:
> > Unfortunately, traditional "rackmount" cases are way too deep; I don't
> > need room for anything but the motherboard, power supply, PCI NICs and
> > the slot-1 CPU, and a floppy drive.
> >
> > Suggestions?  I've got a friend looking for me a case from a dead PIX, 
> > but
> > that may take a while..
> Keep an eye out for a Cisco LocalDirector too, they appear to be (I've 
> never had the opportunity of pulling one apart) the same case as the 
> PIX 520, but since Cisco acquired Arrowpoint and people started 
> ditching their LocalDirectors ('cos the Arrowpoints actually work) you 
> might find one cheap.
> I'd also be interested to know if the LocalDirector and PIX are similar 
> enough that the LocalDirector could be re-flashed as a PIX.
> Rob
They cases are identical.  I've done it before where I've put a PIX motherboard
into the LocalDirector case.  

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