[rescue] PIX-ish ATX cases?

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Fri Feb 6 02:15:29 CST 2004

they are the same chassis with just different firmware loaded on the 2mb
flash card in the local director.. same flash card...  same ethernet cards..

been there and looked at them... been comtemplating picking up a LDIR 2mb
flash card and trying to flash it with 5.1(5) from my pix (i have a copy of
all the IOS's from 4.4 to 6.3.3 of the pix ios..)   just not sure i want to
waste at least $80 on a local director  2mb flash card to find out i need a
serial number i cant get for the pix.. (i really need to find a copy of the
IOS for the Local directors before i start playing ...)


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> On 06/02/2004, at 3:34 PM, MrBill wrote:
> > Unfortunately, traditional "rackmount" cases are way too deep; I don't
> > need room for anything but the motherboard, power supply, PCI NICs and
> > the slot-1 CPU, and a floppy drive.
> >
> > Suggestions?  I've got a friend looking for me a case from a dead PIX,
> > but
> > that may take a while..
> Keep an eye out for a Cisco LocalDirector too, they appear to be (I've
> never had the opportunity of pulling one apart) the same case as the
> PIX 520, but since Cisco acquired Arrowpoint and people started
> ditching their LocalDirectors ('cos the Arrowpoints actually work) you
> might find one cheap.
> I'd also be interested to know if the LocalDirector and PIX are similar
> enough that the LocalDirector could be re-flashed as a PIX.
> Rob
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