[rescue] (OT) advice sought ... Mac 'book cleared for purchase

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Feb 5 20:01:18 CST 2004

I'm also very interested in an Apple laptop.  I don't particularly
care about having the biggest, baddest model.  I would like something
inexpensive and durable.  I think I'm leaning more towards the iBook
than the powerbook... probably 12", probably G3 instead of G4, maybe
in the 600MHz range or higher.  New (NOS), refurb, used (in that order)

Desirable traits, somewhat in order:
durable (and/or decent warranty)
long battery life
bluetooth (USB ok, prefer builtin)
wifi (USB or pccard)
maybe plays DVD?
decent performance (I would like to max the memory)

Stuff I don't care about:
writing CDs
huge HD
floppy drive

Stuff I want to do with it:
web browsing
some compiling
maybe music and DVD

Any suggestions on model and where I can get one for a decent price?



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