[rescue] OT: Should I Cisco Cert?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Feb 4 15:48:37 CST 2004

Dan Duncan wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Nadine Miller wrote:
>>You can sign a contract and not be on scholarship.  If you do,
>>it's like delayed entry for enlistment.
>>In ROTC if you do sign a contract, they pay you a monthly
>>stipend iirc, but you don't get tuition/fees/books like
>>the scholarship folks do.
> What's the benefit of signing a contract if they don't cover
> your tuition/fees/books?  Is the monthly stipend a different amount than
> scholarship cadets get?  When I was in, the scholarship folks
> joked about the stipend being "beer money" because that's about
> all it would cover.  It was well under $100/month.

Likewise, what would be the benefit of being on scholarship
if there was no diff b/w that and just signing a contract?
You bust your ass for grades to maintain your scholarship
and get no perks--not that this might be the case, I was on
scholarship, so as I said I am going from my recollection of
others' experiences as contract students?

Stipend in the late '80's was around $120/mo, iirc.  Signing
a contract meant you had to do things during the summer months,
for which you were paid as if you were in the reserves.
Ditto, scholarship students (you go to summer training even
after freshman year, if you have your scholarship then).


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