[rescue] OT: Should I Cisco Cert?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Feb 4 13:22:20 CST 2004

Dan Duncan wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>>Another friend did his four years in ROTC, head cadet and everything,
>>but didn't get active duty - boy, was he pissed, he based his career
>>around going into the military. BUT, he wasn't on scholarship, and the
>>Army had too many ROTCs coming up at the same time I guess...
>>He didn't enjoy his 4 years in the reserves...
> Why did he owe anything if he wasn't on scholarship?  I did ROTC
> on a non-scholarship basis to see if we were compatible.  I could have
> done that all the way through and not owed anything since I wasn't
> actually on scholarship, IIRC.

You can sign a contract and not be on scholarship.  If you do,
it's like delayed entry for enlistment.

In ROTC if you do sign a contract, they pay you a monthly
stipend iirc, but you don't get tuition/fees/books like
the scholarship folks do.


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