[rescue] OT: Should I Cisco Cert?

Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Wed Feb 4 01:32:04 CST 2004

On Feb 3, 2004, at 4:48 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> This is based on personal friends exp. when he dropped out of Army ROTC
> in college (decided he was a pacifist, much to the suprise of his
> father, a Col. in the Army!), and it was a few years ago, so the
> obligation/penalty may have "evolved"...

Around 1990 or so I was served with a guy who had been NROTC and 
dropped or flunked out.  I don't _know_ if he had other options, but I 
do know he owed a three year commitment (enlisted) and he had no choice 
of MOS (he was (IIRC) 0341 (mortar man), which is punishment enough).


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