[rescue] OT: Should I Cisco Cert?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Tue Feb 3 15:30:54 CST 2004

Kevin Loch wrote:
> Nadine Miller wrote:
>> This is probably not what you want to hear, but I
>> think you'd be better going into the military + doing
>> the above, if you are not too old for it.
> After January 2005, that could possibly come withing the
> realm of sanity, but even then that is horrible advice.
> Don't join the military for career advancement (unless
> you want to be president someday).  Join only if you genuinely
> want to be a soldire/officer.  Joining the military for any other
> reason is insane.

Perhaps I should be more specific: ROTC + BS isn't a
bad take--I mean, if you play your cards right, they
will pay for everything after year 2 of college.  Do
your 4 year hitch, get your security clearance, get

Hell, even 4 yrs enlisted, if you focus yourself and
do a tech MOS (and get your clearance), put your
cash into your college account so you get matching,
and take advantage of Univ. of Maryland classes.

If you're going to be like average Joe Soldier
and waste all your cash on beer and goofing off...

I've got a good friend, nearing 20 yrs. in AF @
41--Lt. Col.  He's much better off than I am
financially and career-wise, has a nice retirement
income to start over doing whatever he wants,
whereever he wants, when he decides to go
civilian.  He's got two Master's degrees, and
a ton more "serious" work experience than most
of the 40-ish people I know that we went to
college with.

But hey, it's your opinion.


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