[rescue] enterprise 150 questions

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Feb 3 14:22:37 CST 2004

>   Oh, you don't happen to have really dirty power at your place,
>do you?  That might be confusing the PSU to the point where it
>won't fire up and stay up.

Well I have a sparc 20 running 24/7 as router, my girlfriends, and my
machine running most of the time. Plus a dual p3 700 box running
whatever I want to toy with, and occasionally my sparcserver 1000
	I don't think anything is wrong with the power since nothing has
died on any computer that we have working constantly.

>   There's a bug in the earlier UltraSPARCs that can allow a user
>to wedge the system using well-crafted code.  If you're not worried
>about hostile code, you can run the thing in 64-bit mode.  I run mine
>that way.

Ok so nothing to really worry about then ^_^

Stephen Sukovich

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