[rescue] restorations and keyboards

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Tue Feb 3 13:58:52 CST 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> Now, if what we had were the last two SPARCclassics in the Known Universe,
> it would be diffo, but Sun made the little buggers by the thousands, so
> we're not spoiling history.  Besides, I've got several, plus an LX and an
> IPX, so if the "save a lunchbox for history" movement catches on, we'll
> still be OK.

Since I own four of them (all working, all in use at this moment, one
of each running: solaris, netbsd, openbsd, and linux.  If freebsd ever
gets ported to sparc32 I may need a fifth...) they're not too endangered.
I hacked the one that didn't have a floppy drive in the bay.

> Speaking of your mod, though ... how did you arrange the SCSI cable?  Did
> you have to terminate it?  I'm not likely to put a tape drive in mine, but a
> second hard drive might be interesting.

The tape drive is terminated (with resistor packs.  ewww.) so I just added
a slightly longer SCSI cable with a third connector.  I THINK there was
a little extra headspace in the bay so you probably don't need a
floppy-thin hard drive.  The case closes (the lip of the lower half
also had to be trimmed... it wasn't quite as simple as just removing
the mask) and the door and mask on the tape drive are even roughly the
same color as the original case so when there's no tape in it looks
stock.  The memory and hard drive aren't stock either, of course.  If
you want a 424MB drive, I think I still have one lying around in the
Box O' Drives.  I also still have quite a few DEC storageworks SBBs
(50-pin narrow SCSI) with optional 1GB drives if anyone wants a
couple for shipping costs.  (more than 2 requires an interesting trade)


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