[rescue] enterprise 150 questions

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Feb 3 08:59:16 CST 2004

>   You might also try frobbing the power switch on the Ultra-1's
>PSU.  If some kind soul did a "init 5" on the machine, it shuts
>the PSU down and the only way to get it powered back up again is
>to get at the physical switch which entails dissecting the machine.

Oh I dissected the machine and took all the foam pieces out which took
forever... Do other enterprise machines like the 250s and 450s have foam
inside them like this thing? If so that's crazy! Well I switched cables
on the PSU, and the fans just jerked and didn't actually supply power
when I hit the on switch on the psu and the machine. The scsi cage PSU
started up fine. I tried plugging the PSU directly into the wall, and
still only the jerking fans then nothing. Its dead so Im getting one
from ebay. Suprisingly someone is selling 39 of them for about $9.99 and
about $15 for shipping and handling. 

At least I still haven't paid more for it than my loaded sparc 20 with
nice dual 150mhz hypersparces

>   I believe the Enterprise-150 (using my box as an example) uses a
>different mainboard than your typical Ultra-1 workstation.  On mine,
>I have three S-Bus slots whereas on all the workstation models I've
>seen there are 2 S-Bus slots and a special slot for the graphics board.

Yah it has 3 sbus slots, and a hme/fas sbus card was in one which
apparently every e150 comes with. Luckily the person that I got it from
didn't strip it down completely. Once I get the PSU off ebay ill see if
it's a mainboard problem too...

Oh I have heard a rumor that the early ultrasparcs lower than 170mhz
shouldn't be run in 64-bit mode because of some bug? Is there anything
to that, or should I only care if running nuclear reactors, air traffic
control systems, and other super mission critical things?

Stephen Sukovich

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