[rescue] Re: not quite dead u5...

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 2 21:05:56 CST 2004

Ross said:

<<Nevermind. Decided to go over it with the proverbial fine toothed comb
(i.e. the hardware manual). First thing I check are jumpers and find
an improperly set J3, therefore no serial-A. No idea why the video is
shot but I'm not worried now.>>

That reminds me of the time I spent about an hour trying to get a serial 
connection to an old decommissioned E450 system. No matter what I tried, I 
just couldn't get my terminal emulator to connect. I think I even used a 
multi-meter to check the pin-out on my serial cables.

I gave up eventually and started to read the hardware manual. After a couple 
of minutes I found a reference to a (unknown to me) jumper on the 
motherboard that forced either RS232 or RS432 signaling on the console 
port ... the server had been set to RS432. Whoops!

If all else fails, read the instructions.



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