[rescue] not quite dead u5...

R. Lonstein ross-sunhelp at lonsteins.com
Mon Feb 2 20:26:29 CST 2004

Salvaged a U5 (400MHz/2mb cache,256M,9gb) and cannot get the darn
thing to display either video or serial console. 

It never responds to the serial console. Neither serial-A nor serial-B
work. The nullmodem cable was tested against a U60 and a U1 and it
works. Pulling the video card doesn't make a difference. If I allow it
to go through post, it begins exercising the drive and sounds like
it's booting. Plugging in a keyboard, I did a STOP-A and can do stupid
stuff blind from the openboot prom like 'beep' and 'power-off'. I
tried to 'set-defaults' and 'setenv output-device=ttya' but to no
avail. Doing a STOP-N was similarly ineffective.

Any ideas? Might be good for parts...

- Ross

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