[rescue] enterprise 150 questions

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Feb 2 20:03:42 CST 2004

I recently acquired an enterprise 150 from ebay, and extremely happy for
only getting it for $40. WELL. I took the gamble with a "current working
conditions unknown" type auction, and it half way turns on. The scsi
cage thing in front turns on and the drives power up, but the mainboard
doesn't power up. I
	I pinned the problem down to the 180 watt power supply that
connects to the motherboard. The power supply's fans jerk a bit when it
powers up but nothing else. I don't have any tools to see if any power
is coming out of it so I figure I'll just replace it since I found the
same model on ebay that says its tested and works for $10. 
	My real question is... if it isn't the power supply and it's the
motherboard that ends up being shot. Can a normal ultra 1 or ultra 1e
motherboard take the place. Getting a nicer 200mhz ultra 1 motherboard
with a creator video card would be nice, but im not sure if it would
work... hmmm :)

Stephen Sukovich

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