[rescue] SGI Backup Follies, part deux

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Mon Feb 2 18:43:57 CST 2004

So I get the leader re-threaded on the DLT drive, slap it back in the
Challenge, boot into IRIX 6.5, and, as a test, do a backup with SGI's
GUI-driven backup "task."  Works fine.  Takes an hour to do about 8 gigs of
stuff and reports 5 errors, all on temporary files in active use during the

So, to complete the test, I'll just restore the last file backed up, right?
This will exercise the drive, check the TOC, etc.

I fire up SGI's GUI-driven "restore task," and what to my wondering eyes
should appear but a warning that says ...

"NOTE:  If you are restoring to an SGI system running IRIX 5.3 or higher, or
any other UNIX systems that are XPG-4/XOPEN compliant, you must use the cpio
command line interface rather than this set of tasks."

Eh?  IRIX 6.5's fancy backup system makes backups it can't use for a
restore?  They haven't changed this since 5.3?  What, if anything, were they

Sheldon T. Hall
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