[rescue] OT: Should I Cisco Cert?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Mon Feb 2 18:36:46 CST 2004

Bob Keyes wrote:

> While I wallow in unemployment, I have thought that, in absense of a
> college degree, it would be to my benefit to get a professional
> certification. I have considered the CompTIA Linux+, Networking+, and
> Security+ certs, and also the Cisco CCNA and so on. I have acquired router
> simulation software and study guides. I have taken a look at the salary
> survey in tcpmag for Cisco certified people. It looks pretty good. I know
> there are well-educated router people on here, so I will ask you: Is the
> market in decent shape, and does a CCNA really get my foot in the door?
> What should I look out for? What are the practical (i.e. career, money)
> differences between the Engineering and Operations tracks?

Amusing comments aside, as well as cert-slagging, I wonder about
this myself.  As a completely cert-less, and worse, technical
degree-less sys admin (B.A.), I wonder if certs would assist me in
overcoming my other "strikes" (short stint as manager, under-exposed
at my level to certain things like integration, db's, e-mail innards, 
and scripting), since my experience (5+ years) doesn't seem to.

I'd like to hear others' comments, or even second-hand "my friend"

> p.s. I understand there are things that can help in a router career, such
> as having a beard and being a beer/whiskey snob. I fulfill both of those
> requirements, and are developing them further.

Let us not forget the "spicy food" requirement.  I mean, you can't
be a real sys admin unless you can eat native-heat level Thai and/
or Indian, right?


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