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Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Mon Feb 2 12:56:09 CST 2004

Sambo's right.  The IIci was, in my opinion, one of Apple's
greatest machines, but it represents Apple's technology in the
very early 90's.  It ran best with 7.5.3.  I don't even know if
MacOS 9.x will even run on it and of course OSX will go no where
near it.  I've seen iMacs around here for ~$150 - $200.  That
would seem like a better route to me.


On Mon, 02 Feb 2004 18:58:26 +0200
sammy ominsky <s at avoidant.org> wrote:

> On tax 2, 2004, at 15:04, Steve Sandau wrote:
> > My wife has been making noises about wanting a Mac to try...
> > I could probably use the IIci as well...
> Um, much as the IIci is a nice piece of history, and a worthy
> addition to anyone's collection, it's *not* a Mac for the wife
> to try. Find her a G3.
> ---sambo
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