[rescue] more stuff that needs to find a new home.

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Mon Feb 2 01:25:00 CST 2004

i have quite abit more stuff looking for a new home .. here is most of the

1 rca cable modem
1 Dlink cable modem
1 netgear firewall router with books and CD.
2 mac computers ... one is a power mac and the other is the older mac IIci i
1 mac keyboard
1 mac external cdrom
1 Imac 266mhz with 128megs of ram Complete.

quite a few Sun 16/17" monitors that need homes..
2 sun power sequencers
10 - sun LX's
5 - sun Classics
3 - sun SS4's
2 - cisco 2800 switches
 inquire privately offlist if interested..

do have more stuff available.


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