[rescue] Favorite Keyboards (audio recording!)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Dec 29 21:33:40 CST 2004

> 10 print "10 REM This is my prime number program"
> 20 print "20 PRINT "This program will calculate prime numbers"
> 30 print "30 INPUT "How many prime numbers do you want", N
> etc...
> When the teacher asked him why his code looked like that, he said so the
> teacher could see his code.
> The teacher tried to explain to him that if he typed the program in as he
> wrote it, it would *only* list the program, not actually calcualte any
> prime
> numbers... It took a very long time for that to sink in before the final
> was
> over...

Hah! When I was in High School someone gave me a Turbo Pascal 6 book
(while I was taking a class that involved Turbo Pascal). I brought the
book to school, and everyone took turns reading the chapters on all of the
window functions. Before long everyones code had all sorts of Window
tricks, the instructor pretty much snapped because he couldn't read any of
it. Simple programs that should be a page and a half were 7 pages due to
all of the display functions. Those were the days.

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