[rescue] Favorite Keyboards (audio recording!)

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Wed Dec 29 06:14:14 CST 2004

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> ConWiz has it that the average programmer turns out the equivalent of 3
> lines of COBOL code per day, on average.  Typing speed wouldn't seem to
> change that very much, since 3 lines of COBOL doesn't represent much 
> typing
> at all.

I take it you've never programmed in COBOL three lines of COBOL is a lot of 
typing ;^)

I think that statistic is BS anyway, unless it is truely accurate, and it 
reflects the reality that a COBOL programer these days spends most of their 
time maintaining old code, not writing new code...

Three function points, maybe...

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