[rescue] Favorite Keyboards (audio recording!)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Dec 28 11:44:13 CST 2004

> I didn't take touch typing until college.  At the time I was only up
> to 35 wpm (IBM Selectrics); I haven't measured my speed any time
> lately on a computer.  I don't think I type  that fast, though.  My
> speed is better when I am transcribing something pre-written, and not
> mine.  On my own compositions, my "self editor" is always running when
> I type, which slows me down.
> =Nadine=

True story....

I applied for a job at a pager dispatch center. Part of the job required a
typing test, which I had never taken before. They asked if I could type
and I replied, "Sure." So finally after the Q&A part they sit me down at a
typewriter, and let me warm up. I'm getting a bit nervous, but was fairly
confident since I used IRC and chatted on BBSes quite a bit. Computer
jukie for a long time.

So finally girl brings out a timer set for one minute, and throws down
some papers. I'm banging away on this typewriter, which is different from
my normal computer.

One minute passes... she comes back and goes off to grade it. I was
getting wierd looks from the other ladies there, but paid no mind. The
girl says, "Have you ever taken a typing test before?" I reply "Yes" ....
(The only thing I ever did was a BBS door program). "What did you get?"
"Uh, I think 50 words per minute?" (45 being minimum for the job).

She finally says "We hire alot of professional secretaries that type all
day. You made 3 errors, bringing the word count to 82. It is 85 if you
include the errors. That is more than many of the secretaries that work


"Where did you take typing?"

"Uh, I never did? I just use the computer."

A little later someone else who had dropped out of college over MUDDs joined.

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