[rescue] Favorite Keyboards (audio recording!)

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Mon Dec 27 20:30:57 CST 2004

on 12/27/2004 1:28 AM Bill Bradford wrote:

> (and yes, that's me typing actual sentences .. how many other people
>  here type over 100wpm?)

100-120wpm depending on the day, usually with 99% final accuracy. And 
that's *with* on-the-fly correction, so my raw speed is a bit higher.

My sister and I were home schooled for a while when I was 10. Mom 
immediately taught us both how to touch type on an old manual with black 
tape over the keys. We hated her at the time, but we've both since come 
to thank her.

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