[rescue] Wanted: 16M 72-pin parity SIMMs & Dell GXa CPU board/RAM

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Thu Dec 23 23:42:12 CST 2004

> > No it won't fit. The GX series boxes are way proprietary. On a side note
> > W6Li is a nice board. I still have one with a pair of PPRO PII 333 MHz
> > OverDrive procs installed. My only complaint is no way to boot from
> > (Old BIOS)
> <sigh>... reminds me of lots of compaq gear....

Same idea. Just smelly-er.

> I seemed to recall trying to put to 333 overdrives in the W6Li and
> I couldn't get them to work in it (old BIOS ?).  I ended up putting
> them on an Intel PR440FX mainboard (very nice ppro board).

Odd. Works fine in this one. The BIOS does not respond with an accurate CPU
speed on the boot up banner but under Rat-Head Leenooks it sees them just

> I seem to recall booting and installing FreeBSD onto the W6Li from
> CDrom... but I might have been using a SCSI CD-ROM... ????

Likely so. SCSI good.

> > > as I recall it has on board SCSI as well (adaptec chip I believe).
> >
> > Yepper has a 2940 UW built in IIRC. Also has a built in Sound Blaster 16.
> > I said, nice board (for PeeCee stuff).
> >
> Pretty sure I still have the Micronics... definately have the PR440FX.
> Can't decide whether to run the PR440FX with 2 200MHZ 1M cache (each)
> PPRO chips or 2 333MHZ Overdrive (w/only 256K cache per chip).

IIRC the Micronics board is NOT compatible with the 1 MB cache PPRO dunno
about the PR440FX. Also not to pick on you but the 333MHz overdrive CPUs are
basically Pentium II's and have 512K cache running at full speed unlike the
normal PII which only runs the cache at half speed.

Mike N

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