[rescue] Wanted: 16M 72-pin parity SIMMs & Dell GXa CPU board/RAM

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Dec 23 11:56:15 CST 2004

 Michael-John Turner said ...

> I need 6 16M 72-pin parity SIMMs to max out one of my SPARC classics.
> Anyone have any they wanna let go cheaply?

Well, you can do that, but it wouldn't really be the max.

On a Classic/LX, you can get 128 MB RAM if you put two 32 MB SIMMs in bank
0, and four 16 meggers in the remaining four slots.  Mind the silksceening
on the board, since the banks aren't laid out as you might expect.

All the SIMMs have to be 72-pin, FPM, real parity.  I'm using 36-bit-wide,
60 NS "PC" memory in mine, and it's been trouble-free.


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