[rescue] Door Prize

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Dec 22 13:27:52 CST 2004

> From: Ethan O'Toole

> The drives are pretty old and possibly will fail. We are going to make an
> image of the disks but it would be nice to be able to reinstall.
> There was some mention on this list before of NS ISOs.

If the NeXT box is running, hook up an external SCSI disk and use the
BuildDisk app to make a fresh, bootable disk out of it. You have the choice
to include or exclude the apps on the disk, too.

It doesn't migrate user accounts, etc. It just give you a "fresh install"
hard drive you can go and plug into another NeXT.

I've taken some 50 pin drives and made a fresh NS3.3 and OpenSTEP 4.2 hard
drives "just in case" I need to replace a current drive, or get more black


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