[rescue] 64 meg memory for SS20 available...

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Wed Dec 22 12:46:29 CST 2004

> SS20 is what I've got.  The offer sent last night, nothing you needed?
did you see my reply?

> PCI RAID card, nice one, will send model numbers if you need.
could be interested ... who is it made by and model # is helpful..

> Need any 4-gig IBM SCSI drives, I have several.  Or Seagate ST32155's, I
> have more.  30-pin or 72-pin SIMMS?  Some 30, quite a bit more 72, various
> sizes.
4 gigs ... not really ... their great in older boxes but for me im running 
ALOT of 18 gig and 73 gig SCA scsi drives...
> Cash, how much for one bank-full?  Paypal or I can mail you a checque.
make me a offer ...

remember I got a BUNCH of 16meggers too.. the count is up to 42 ...


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