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Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Mon Dec 20 22:23:54 CST 2004

> > The company is moving AWAY from Exchange and Windows, and the guy
> > who'll be my boss if I get the job said they were leaning to
> > sendmail, but postfix had been an option as well.
> [snip]
> Sendmail is left over from the day when the Big Problem was a diversity of
> e-mail address formats.  That's why its configuration file has so many
> of address rewriting rules.  In those same ancient days, everyone ran open
> relays, spam was unheard-of, and security was not an issue.

The good old days.

> Postfix is better adapted to modern circumstances.  Its emphasis is on
> security, with significant built-in anti-spam features, and a lot more
> flexibility.


> A lot of sites seem to use Postfix as a gateway to an Exchange server, so
> they get Postfix's security and anti-spam features along with Exchange's
> ummm ... along with whatever it was that made them buy Exchange in the
> place.

Yep seen this a few times. If you must run a Sexchange sewer....

> I'm a recent Postfix convert, but I've had my shots and I'm no more rabid
> about that than about anything else.

I am about to deploy Postfix on my network RSN. And no I have not had my
shots. ;-)

Mike N

Time wounds all heels.

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