[rescue] Door Prize

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Mon Dec 20 20:40:25 CST 2004

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From: "sammy ominsky"

> So who thought the day would come where a SunBlade 100 would be a
> rescue?
> I had a job interview today, and afterward, the center director (not
> the person to whom I'd be reporting) asked if I wanted a SunBlade 100.
> "Uh, yes thanks."

Hiya Sambo! Gee looks like you gots a new job. I just started a new job, er,
asignment, today.

Later man!

Mike N

The problem with cruel and unusual punishment is that you have to keep
being creative.  For example, some may call it cruel and unusual to turn
a spammer into spam, but by the time you feed the hundredth into the
woodchipper it's become quite usual  -- Anthony de Boer in the Monastery

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